PT. Agrikultural Nusantara Perkasa bring a new taste of roasted green tea original crafted from the hill of Ciwidey West Java, Indonesia

Who are we ?

PT Agrikultural Nusantara Perkasa is a Supplier of Indonesian Roasted Green Tea Products.

Our company is engaged in the Export of Green Tea Derivative Products from Indonesia such as Roasted Green Tea Fannings, Roasted Loose Leaf Green Tea and Pure Green Tea Fannings.

Indonesia is the 7th largest tea producing country in the world.

PT Agrikultural Nusantara Perkasa has served customers from various countries and it has become our main priority to fulfill our customers satisfaction and expectations.

why choose us ?
Our company believe the foundation to build a good environment of businesses are transparency
Expand the business and becoming a trusted business partner
Provide a good quality products & services for our business partner
Keep our partnership last long and improving a good quality products and services
Our Products
At our company, we pride ourselves on offering only the highest quality green tea products, meticulously crafted for optimal taste and health benefits. Our teas are not only good for consumption, but also meet the strict standards required for export quality products.
Roasted Green tea cacuy
Roasted green tea Cacuy Jasmine
Pure GREEN TEA Fannings
On January 26, 2023. We conducted a thorough inspection of the goods scheduled for delivery to our valued clients in Taiwan. As part of our commitment to transparency, we feature detailed information about our recent activites including photos videos. We believe that this allows our customers to gain a better understanding of the quality of our offerings and our dedication to their satisfaction.
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