Yes, we are a private company and established since 2021 and locate in West Java Island, Indonesia.

Our main product is Roasted green tea, original from West Java tea farm.

Our tea farm altitude is 1.600 M above the sea level.

We are in collaboration with one of our partners who has a tea farm, we buy from their tea farm and produce it.

It’s totally different, the black color of our tea is roasted not fermented, so the taste, the flavour and the aroma is different than the black tea.

The taste of our roasted green tea is 0% bitter and has a sweet aftertaste, but pure green tea has a little bit bitter taste when you drink it.

It’s an addtional feel free to add some sugar, but we reccomend to don’t add some sugar, because this tea has a sweet taste without the sugar.

Yes, we only sell the finest tea product and we sell a tea with a export quality.

Yes, our tea is passing EU regulation and MRL, that is why our tea is a little bit costly, because we guarantee 100% our tea is passing regulation and no contamination, also our tea is HALAL certified.

To get a sample please send us directly to , and we will give you free sample about 400 Grams, but we’re so sorry for the shipping fee will be  we charged to your company.

To contact us directly please send us an email to , and our team will respons as soon as possible.

Our MOQ is 1X20 Ft FCL, and if you need more than 1X20 Ft FCL, we can give you cheaper price.

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